Research And Development

Today’s constantly evolving business environment requires companies to continually focus on strategies and new technologies that will allow them to improve efficiency, while not compromising their commitment to providing consumers with quality cutting edge products.

Research and Development is typically a critical factor in determining the continued success of a company. Fast paced industries must continually modify and improve their designs and range of products. CRA’s unmatched platform, flexibility, and speed to market capabilities easily lend themselves to a company’s ever changing product objectives and strategic planning processes. Collaborating with CRA’s Research and Development Team to develop an initial research and development location or improve an existing one will facilitate a company’s willingness to stay at the forefront of their industry through maintaining research and development facilities.

R&D is a broad term used to describe many different opportunities and applications in numerous industries, from product development in business focused industries to new food and drug products in the medical and agricultural industries. Depending on the type of R&D being conducted by a particular company (food, medical, product, manufacturing, or information technology), there are distinctive governmental, building, and safety requirements that must be taken into consideration prior to starting and completing the project.

Partnering with CRA’s skilled and experienced R&D Team to assist you in navigating through the brick and mortar aspect of the R&D project will allow you to focus on your core competencies and fine tune the objectives of the R&D facility’s main purpose, developing new cutting edge, consumer demanded products and procedures that will ensure future profits, improve performance, and ensure the long term viability of the company.

Snapshot of R&D Services:

  • Determine Client’s Facility Requirements
  • Identify Geographical Parameters
  • Research and Verify Governmental Requirements or Constraints
  • Identify New Labor Opportunities, Current Employee Needs, Logistics Strategy
  • Prepare Market Research and Indentify All Viable Market Opportunities
  • Verify, Preview, and Finalize Short List of Viable Market Opportunities
  • Negotiate with Viable Opportunities to Identify Best Market Opportunity for Operations
  • Negotiate and Finalize the Lease and all Brick and Mortar Construction Requirements
  • Administer Brick and Mortar Operations through Occupancy
  • Verify Brick and Mortar Operations are complete, Maintain client contact for the purpose of
    (i) ensuring facility is continually adequate and functional for clients needs and
    (ii) review and verification of Brick and Mortar Controllable and Non-Controllable Operation Costs as identified in client’s lease

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