About CRA


We are in the Age of Information, and everyone understands that knowledge is power. CRA empowers our clients by providing them with the information they need to make educated long-term real estate decisions. As an outsourcing solutionfor Corporate America, CRA’s Team Members offer expert counsel and negotiation skill to companies evaluating the lease, sublease, purchase, sale, build-to-suit, and sale/leaseback of office and industrial properties. The CRA Mission Statement is to deliver innovative real estate solutions that save our clients’ time and money.

Corporate Representation – CRA is a pure CorporateRepresentation company. As such, CRA represents corporations only (not Landlords) and by doing so avoids the conflict of interest attributable to many of the national real estate companies that also represent Landlords.

Lease Review – As part of its Client Services, CRA fully reviews each lease document to ensure that the lease is drafted in accordance with the business terms negotiated and to eliminate risk associated with onerous leases.

Account Representatives – CRA’s representatives are Account Representatives and not Project Managers. The Account Representatives are account oriented and not project oriented and are committed to serving the long-term interests of our client.

Experience – CRA’s Account Representatives are among the most skilled in the industry with the average amount of experience exceeding 15 years per representative.

Corporate Governance – CRA manages its affairs with strict compliance and has never been involved as either a defendant or plaintiff in any litigation. Additionally, a complaint has never been filed against the company with the Texas Real Estate Commission or any other state real estate commission.

Service Guarantee – The CRA services letter outlines the services CRA will provide for each assignment. CRA stands behind these services and guarantees our client’s satisfaction.


Corporate Realty Advisors is Corporate America’s real estate outsourcing solution and the best choice for your company in the selection of a services provider with the market knowledge, experience, sophistication, and integrity to properly assist your company in the representation of your real estate negotiations. CRA is not part of any national real estate company or network and thereby has the freedom to align itself with the best possible partner offices, be they architectural firms, law firms or local real estate companies, in each of the markets that it serves. The negotiation skill of CRA’s account representatives ensures premium results from a company that outlines in its engagement letter the services that it will provide and guarantees client satisfaction with these services while demonstrating disciplined Corporate Governance. Because CRA believes in outsourcing, it assembles the best possible team for our client on each assignment. This makes CRA the Best Choice..