CRA maintains the most comprehensive database of third party warehousing providers and all their locations throughout the United States. With unrivaled insight and access to customized market reports, we evaluate third party warehousing options vs direct lease space and we give our clients the confidence that they will see EVERY available market opportunity.

Identifying available Third Party Warehousing space can be a complicated process full of variables that takes an incredible amount of time to research and evaluate. So how do you find not only the best location but the best third party warehousing provider for your company?

Simple, hire CRA to leverage the most comprehensive database of available warehouse space controlled by third party warehousing providers throughout the United States.

Our experienced team of industrial real estate specialists will implement a customized strategy based on your requirements. Whether you are seeking freezer, cooler, dry, seasonal or long-term space, we evaluate all options and present solutions that will drive down costs and deliver results.

Case Study

100,000SF within 10 miles of Charlotte, NC

3pl providers

direct lease

The above diagrams reflects research presented utilizing our proprietary 3PL Compete database to evaluate all Third Party warehousing providers available in the noted market area as well as CoStar research to identify all direct lease space available in the noted market area. CRA provides “speed to market” and a competitive market environment by quickly identifying ALL warehousing options available in your selectedmarket area.

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3PL Compete Benefits


Single Point of Contact

CRA offers a single point of contact for identifying all warehousing options including direct lease space with landlords and lease space with third party warehousing providers for both dedicated and shared warehouses.


3PL Compete creates transparency of all third party warehousing options while both simplifying the search for third party warehousing space and creating a competitive environment.


3PL Compete provides clients with national data for annual warehousing budgets as well as benchmarking projections for their third party warehouse agreements. Time saved because of 3PL Compete allows logistics departments to allocate greater resources towards the control of transportation costs (the much larger budget item).

Eliminate False Demand

By using 3PL Compete and CRA, our clients eliminate “false demand” attributable to typical building searches initiated by multiple third party warehousing providers who are requested by prospective clients to submit a bid with detailed criteria for a dedicated warehouse building.

Competitive Environment

The competitive environment associated with the use of 3PL Compete guarantees significant savings associated with the cost of the real estate and thereby, the storage cost. Handling charges are reduced to a commodity (labor charges/wages).

Save Time

The 3PL Compete warehouse database is the most comprehensive database of available warehouse space controlled by third party warehousing providers in the United States. With the use of 3PL Compete for third party storage and handling requirements, our clients benefit through significant savings of both time and money.