Economic Incentives

Corporate Realty Advisors works with local, state, and federal authorities to negotiate all available economic incentives for our clients. Every city and state offer unique incentives and, as such, economic incentives are a critical component of the overall real estate transaction and can result in significant savings to our client.

Examples of the incentives CRA negotiates on behalf of our clients include:

  • Personal property tax abatements
  • Economic / sales tax grants
  • Transportation / utility infrastructure improvements
  • Energy efficiency credits
  • Utility rate concessions
  • Fast track permitting
  • Development fee exemptions
  • Freeport / enterprise zone exemptions
  • Employee relocation assistance
  • Work opportunity tax credits (WOTC) / job creation tax credits
  • Employee training tax credits
  • Research and development tax exemptions

Simply put, CRA’s knowledge, experience, and relationships with local, state, and federal economic development groups result in savings to our client’s bottom line. Negotiating economic incentives can be a complex and time-consuming processbut, with CRA’s assistance, our clients can focus on their core business with confidence and trust that their interests are being represented at the highest level.