Industrial Manufacturing And Assembly

The experience required to establish an Industrial Manufacturing Site surpasses the capability of most real estate service providers.  This is not the case with CRA. Our unmatched knowledge, coupled with our expert partners in environmental analysis, construction, economic development, labor force analysis, and finance have allowed us to establish a proven Manufacturing Site Evaluation Process that mitigates the client’s exposure and maximizes economical opportunities.  CRA understands the needs and concerns associated with the development of these complex requirements and our process is proven to minimize setbacks and expedite the site to production timeline.

  • Identification of employee labor and skills requirements
  • Environmental regulations
  • Verification of local laws regulating operation hours
  • Analysis and verification of utility infrastructure
  • Economic and environmental incentives
  • Transportation analysis
  • Logistics analysis
  • HUB zones
  • Zoning requirements
  • Evaluation of building / park security and existing security control booths / systems in place
  • Understanding of the complexities associated with the negotiation process.
  • Maximizing the amount of capital available to the end user to establish operations.

Through our experience and proven process, CRA has been able to partner with our clients in order to assist in the evaluation and establishment of Industrial Manufacturing Sites in a fiscally responsible manner.