Why hire Corporate Realty Advisors?

We only represent Corporations (not Landlords). In the same way that it makes no sense for a negotiator to argue for both sides in any negotiation, it makes no sense to hire a broker that represents the interests of both your Corporation and the Landlord. When you sign a lease, you need to be certain that your best interests have been protected. We do not own or manage any property and do not work for anyone who does.

What’s the most common mistake made by Corporations that represent themselves?

The old adage “he who represents himself has a fool for a client” delivers an important message. Not engaging a knowledgeable and seasoned real estate advisor, particularly in negotiations where the Landlord has a listing agent, is clearly the most common mistake made by corporations. Even if you don’t plan to move one of your locations, we can help when your lease comes up for renewal. When a landlord/property owner knows that you are pleased with your current space and have no intention of moving, they have all the leverage in the business negotiation dealings. To counter this leverage, you must have alternatives whether you plan to move or not.

What type of clients does CRA represent?

We assist only corporations in the lease, sublease, purchase, sale, sale/leaseback, and build-to-suit of office and industrial properties. Any type of company whether your business focus is local, nationwide, or worldwide. Click here to view a list of some of the clients CRA has served.

If my company is relocating or opening new offices in an area unfamiliar to us, can CRA help? Does your expertise have geographic limits?

Over eight percent (80%) of CRA’s work is conducted outside of the State of Texas. With CoStar National research and Best-in-Class market advisors throughout the world, CRA’s reach is substantial, and our results are second to none.

How is CRA compensated if clients don’t pay for their services?

When a lease is signed, the landlord pays a commission to the listing agent that represents their building. When CRA represents a Corporation, that commission (which usually goes 100% to the listing agent) is generally split between the leasing agent and CRA.

How much lead time does CRA need to help me with my move?

Lead time depends on market conditions and the size of your requirements. Larger spaces require more time. A good rule-of-thumb is a minimum of 12 months before you plan to make your move. Larger transactions often require 18 to 24 months. To provide a proper estimate, it is essential to notify CRA of your specific requirement. Please contact us to discuss your needs and we can respond with an educated forecast.