CRA specializes in representing corporations in the search and negotiation for warehouse and office properties. Whether we are seeking food grade warehouse space or class “A” office space for our clients, our principled approach of representing only corporations/tenants clearly differentiates our company from the vast majority of commercial real estate companies that represent both corporations/tenants as well as landlords/property owners. This CRA Difference aligns our work with our clients’ goals and objectives and provides an environment free from conflict of interest. With a customized process for representing corporations and unequalled service from our seasoned associates, we will save you time, drive down costs and deliver positive results.

Corporate Representation Process

Our Corporate Representation services include:

Strategic Advisory

CRA provides an array of strategic advisory services to supplement our client’s core competencies. Whether our client’s need for assistance relates to a single property, a portfolio or the viability of an existing or proposed location (feasibility study), our seasoned professionals orchestrate a course of action to effectively accomplish their objectives. We have extensive experience planning and implementing effective tactics that will minimize risk and maximize results.

Workforce Analysis/Site Selection/Network Study

Before selecting a new building, it’s critical to determine the optimal location based on the available labor pool and/or the Network Optimization Study for industrial users. We understand that there are many supply chain variables that will ultimately impact our cleint’s bottom line and, as a result, we partner with several Llamasoft approved providers to offer the most cost-effective solutions. Our team of seasoned experts help our clients establish criteria and find locations that are most suitable for their objectives. Before we present appropriate locations, we analyze the selected search area and monitor critical data relating to market amenities, transportation routes and services, labor force availability and wages, and numerous other factors impacting the operating costs of a facility. By partnering with CRA, our client’s can be confident that they will make the most informed, datadriven decision to determine the best location for their business.

Market Research

We value our clients’ time and understand the importance of quicklyidentifying viable warehouse and office solutions. We’re armed with the most sophisticated tools and resources available including: CoStar National research (Warehouse and Office), LoopNet national research, our proprietary database for freezer and cooler properties related to the food and beverage industries and our database identifying all third party warehouse space and their providers (3PL Compete). CRA offers our clients the most detailed information available for the commercial real estate market. Additionally, through our nimble network of global partners, we have access to critical local market data that ensures our clients will be confident when they make critical information based decisions.

Building/Site Tours

Our team of principled professionals act as our client’s single point-ofcontact throughout the corporate representation process and coordinate each building/site tour. We create a detailed tour package that contains in-depth data for each building/site, as well as side-by-side comparisons that take into account the many variables to consider when narrowing the search down to a short-list of building candidates.

Request for Proposals (RFP)

With a detail-oriented approach, we begin the RFP process by reviewing our client’s goals and objectives and then drafting the RFP to address our client’s required business objectives. We customize the RFP for each client, submit the RFP to our client for review and, upon approval, submit the RFP to the prospective building/site representatives for each respective property. We keep our clients informed every step of the way.

Financial Analysis

Upon receiving landlord proposals, we’ll evaluate and produce lease analysis reports with the critical information our clients need to make the most informed decision. Our team will scrutinize every financial detail to ensure we accurately convey and monetize all the lease information provided in the proposal. Our team can show our clients the cost of getting into, occupying and getting out of a lease. We can also provide side-by-side comparison reports to accurately compare all available options.

Letters of Interest

Once a preferred building candidate has been identified, the LOI is drafted and provided to the selected and oftentimes secondary building selections of our clients. The LOI seeks to identify all critical business terms that our client wishes to have included in a lease document and it is the final opportunity to negotiate.

Reimbursement Letter

We safeguard against unexpected construction costs by advising our clients to enter into a reimbursement letter prior to signing a lease. Although an unconventional approach not welcomed by landlords, the reimbursement letter essentially provides our client with an insurance policy against significant construction cost over runs. If the cost of construction exceeds the amount of any Landlord provided Tenant Improvement Allowance and our client has executed a Reimbursement Letter with the Landlord, our client may either: a) Sign the Lease and pay the construction overage; b) require the Landlord to pay for some or all of the construction overage or c) pay the Landlord the cost of preparing the Construction Drawings and terminate Lease negotiations.

Lease Review/Negotiation

We take a highly analytical approach and carefully review the lease document to ensure that it has been drafted in accordance with the business agreement. CRA will negotiate the terms of any lease or logistics services agreement on our client’s behalf and recommend modifications to the business terms to achieve a reasonable agreement for both our client and the landlord.

Construction/Construction Management

We tailor our Construction Services to meet our client’s needs while providing them with unequalled service in the most efficient manner. Our conservative approach uses strategies including “price as alternate” and value engineering. We look to reduce redundancies in the process and create a competitive environment for construction bidding with the ultimate objective of delivering the Premises on time, under budget and in compliance with all applicable laws, rules, regulations and ordinances.

Move/Move Coordination

Once a Certificate of Occupancy has been provided, CRA offers Move Coordination Services to ensure the success of a company’s move from one location to another. Services include competitive bidding of the contract with qualified “move” providers as well as the coordination of the move with the client and building owner. A successful move is one that is well organized, eliminates any potential for “down time” in a client’s business and delivers a fully operational space for the client with all furniture, fixtures and equipment in place and all equipment in place and all information technology equipment and telephone equipment in a good working order and condition.


Maintaining an efficient real estate portfolio is critical and our clients trust and rely on us to assist them with subleasing or selling surplus real estate or properties that have reached a level of functional obsolescence. CRA also has extensive experience in the sales/leaseback of owner-occupied properties and negotiating the early termination of leases.

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