Experience and information are critical to successful negotiations and CRA delivers results. Our senior management team averages 20 years of experience and they work on our clients’ behalf with local, state, and federal authorities to negotiate for all available economic incentives. Every city and state offers unique incentives and, as such, economic incentives are a critical component of the overall real estate transaction and can result in significant savings for our client.

CRA will conduct extensive research in the client’s selected area to determine all available economic and tax incentives. Our team of experienced professionals will help our clients secure and negotiate incentives that will enhance their bottom line. Examples of the incentives that CRA assists our clients in obtaining includes the following:

Property tax abatement

Personal property tax abatements

Inventory tax abatement

Economic / sales tax grants

Transportation / utility infrastructure improvements

Energy efficiency credits

Utility rate concessions

Fast track permitting

Development fee exemptions

Freeport / enterprise zone exemptions

Employee relocation assistance

Work opportunity tax credits (WOTC) / job creation tax credits

Employee training tax credits

Research and development tax exemptions

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