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Dorman Products, Inc., a leading distributor of OEM automobile parts, had been operating
out of multiple older warehouses, creating significant inefficiencies and increased costs.
Those costs, combined with anticipated future growth of business lines, dictated demand
for expansion solutions. Retaining quality contributors (employees), as well as having
access to quality workforce for desired growth was another major piece of the overall


The professionals at CRA extensively researched existing and build-to-suit opportunities
in multiple states. CRA identified and worked with Dorman to put a significant tract of
land together that would accommodate existing and future expansion needs. A mix of
local, regional and national developers were identified to provide proposals for
constructing a state-of-the-art class A warehouse building, allowing Dorman to enter into
a long-term lease.


CRA leveraged incentives from two competing states (and local authorities), while
positioning the client to oversee the potential development sites in both locations.
Dorman maintained maximum control over the developer/bidding process to evaluate
both options in a true apples-to-apples environment. Ultimately, Dorman was able to
control the design and specifications of the warehouse, exterior parking requirements,
expansion rights, and more. Another major benefit is that the new warehouse location is
close to Dorman’s existing operations, which has allowed the company to maintain its
existing contributor base as well as the long-standing relationship with the city in which it
has been a major employer.

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