A national healthcare client engaged CRA to source a new existing or build-to-suit option that would support their new health operations in the Naples, FL market. The client needed to find a suitable location that would meet existing health guidelines, complete the registration cycle, and be operational as quickly as possible.


CRA quickly collected market data, and assisted in streamlining the site selection process. CRA presented several greenfield and existing options. There were several existing operations available that met all health guidelines and would allow the client to reduce their occupancy timeline. Economic scenarios and negotiations were quickly completed, and terms finalized. Through CRA’s efforts, our client was able to secure a long term lease on an building before it ever hit the open market.


CRA’s procurement process lead to a solution that significantly reduced the client’s occupancy timeline, allowing them to begin generating revenue ahead of schedule. Additionally, by finding an existing building option, the client was able to measurably reduce occupancy and construction costs,. The reduced construction and favorable long term lease terms improved profitability scenarios for the surgery center.

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