Industrial Overview

CRA’s team of industrial real estate professionals specializes in representing corporations in the search and negotiation for warehouse space: freezer, cooler, dry, seasonal and long-term. With a senior management team averaging over 20 years of experience, we understand the importance of reviewing all the supply chain variables that will ultimately impact your bottom line.

Representing Corporations

We partner with several approved Coupa "Llamasoft" providers and our search for warehouse space is typically designed around our clients’ Network Optimization Study (NOS). We recognize that a company’s transportation spend will generally exceed their cost for storage and handling (dry warehousing) by a multiple of 2.5 to 1; therefore, we work on your behalf to ensure we present the most cost-effective and actionable solutions. In addition to our network of NOS providers, we also offer a revolutionary new service for companies seeking third party warehousing. Our proprietary database, known as 3PL Compete, provides a comprehensive view of all available third party warehousing providers and all of their space in your selected market area. By providing our clients with exclusive access to our revolutionary 3PL Compete database, CRA completes more Third Party Warehousing transactions each year than all of our competitors.

CRA delivers the most detailed information (current and historical) on rental rates, cost to build new warehouses, cap rates on the sale of warehouses, operating expenses, pallet in/pallet out charges, case pick charges, monthly storage charges and trends in warehousing including ASRS. Whether our clients are looking to relocate their plant or distribution center, expand to a new market, renegotiate an existing lease or logistics services agreement or consolidate existing locations, CRA has creative solutions and services designed to systematically accomplish your objectives. Our clients have found that when they team up with CRA, they will be working with principled, resourceful experts dedicated to driving down costs and delivering positive results.

Prioritizing Your Needs First

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