Investment/ Development

CRA works with pension funds, life insurance companies, real estate investment trusts, high net worth individuals and our core group of corporate representation clients in the acquisition of existing as well as the development of new single tenant net leased office and industrial buildings.

Our building acquisition
criteria includes:

Big box (100,000SF+) single tenant industrial buildings

25,000SF Plus single tenant office buildings

Deeply discounted office and industrial properties that may have:

  • Environment issues
  • Opportunity to re-purpose the use of the property
  • Significant factors demonstrating the building’s functional obsolescence

Anywhere in the U.S

Our real estate development
criteria includes:

Major market opportunities to develop freezer/cooler buildings targeting the food and beverage industries.

Shuttle Buster opportunities, targeting single tenant users in urban and highly rural markets that are interested in occupying a warehouse that is adjacent to their existing plant or production facility.

Target building acquisition:

  • Meet stringent underwriting guidelines
  • Meet minimum return on equity projections
  • Hold terms will generally range between 7 and 10 years

CRA is actively seeking investment opportunities in single tenant net leased industrial buildings of 100,000SF or more and single tenant net leased suburban office buildings of over 25,000SF or more

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