Call Center Services

Call Center operations, a relatively basic and simple operation on the surface are actually a more complex type of transaction. Because of this, CRA focuses on even the smallest details, beginning and ending with the following:

  • Determine the client’s requirement for staffing size for space allocation, and just as important, parking. High density parking requirements limit options, unless public transportation can mitigate parking requirements.
  • Identify the client’s telecommunication needs and the capabilities of the prospective buildings.
  • HVAC is another critical requirement that often tends to be overlooked as most buildings, even newly constructed buildings, are not initially designed for one employee for each 100 to 140 square feet of space. Electrical, lighting and acoustics are other issues that are either overlooked or addressed too late in the review process. Finally, the Call Center’s impact on the building’s tenant mix, including but not limited to janitorial services, restrooms, and elevators must be reviewed carefully.
  • Identify amenities and quality of work space. The high density nature of Call Centers inherently creates a high stress environment. The design and amenity base of building can play a key role in the overall operations.
  • Tours are scheduled for only the buildings that can meet a Call Center’s major criteria based on existing conditions or buildings where a landlord has adequately established it can support a Call Center’s essential requirements.
  • Once buildings have been isolated for further review, the buildings capabilities for successfully accommodating a Call Center are further reviewed and verified. Zoning and deed restrictions are further reviewed to confirm that a building can in fact support the Call Centers requirements.
  • Spreadsheet the responses to the Requests for Proposal from the Landlords paying particular attention to:
    1) base rent per square foot;
    2) operating expenses, inclusive of any additional charges for utilities, janitorial, and parking.
  • Submit extremely detailed Letter of Interest to address all critical elements of the Call Center transaction.
  • Carefully review and edit the Call Center Lease, including common provisions that will likely conflict with the Call Center requirement, including occupancy loads, HVAC provisions, janitorial services, parking and a host of Building Rules and Regulations.