Facilities Mgmt & Construction Services

Corporate Realty Advisors has formed joint ventures with a leading Facilities Management Group and a leading Construction Services firm to provide added services to our clients. These teams have created a platform that allows our clients the opportunity to outsource these functions and to choose from a vast array of services that will streamline their projects and ensure minimal downtime at the local level. Our platform saves our clients time and most importantly, guarantees that all projects are competitively bid while maintaining quality control.

Facilities Management Group:

  • Streamline incident reporting process locally and to the corporate management team
  • Review of each lease related facility liability on a location by location basis
  • Ensure corporate insurance specifications are aligned with lease requirements
  • Direct field contacts for all critical maintenance issues and repair requirements of local management
  • Coordination of all service providers and competitive bidding
  • Review all energy management initiatives
  • Implementation of safety and damage control programs to minimize post vacancy costs

Construction Services Group:

  • Formulate goals and objectives on a project by project basis
  • Architect and General Contractor selection through site-specific competitive bid process
  • Review and analysis of each competitive bid to ensure that plans reflect clients objectives
  • Establish project timeline and coordination with local branch operations to minimize downtime
  • Continual updates to key management
  • Identification of all client liabilities to minimize potential for contractor liens
  • Review and coordination of closeout process to ensure project followed specifications

Through the utilization of this platform, CRA has been able to implement a customer service oriented approach that consistently exceeds our client’s expectations. The Facilities Management and Construction Services teams have demonstrated that their proven methods are both effective and reliable assets to our clients (both locally and at the corporate level). CRA will oversee and monitor the progress of each project, regardless of the size, from start to finish as promised in our services agreement.