Franchise Development

The understanding of the real estate aspect of Franchise Development requires that the real estate service provider is capable of achieving the objectives of the Franchisor while simultaneously understanding the personal obstacles and concerns associated with the commitment being made by the Franchisee.  CRA has developed a strategy that carefully navigates the highly sensitive franchise process, yet effectively meets the business requirements of both parties.

Franchise Development Process:

  • Tailor our approach based on the specifics of the franchise agreement.
  • Development and implementation of the overall real estate strategy.
  • Implementation of proven processes to enhance speed to market.
  • Territorial based site-selection.
  • Demographic studies to identify and analyze market opportunities.
  • Traffic studies.
  • Identification of local and regional development trends.
  • Negotiation of business points in order to mitigate franchisor exposure.
  • Development of case by case strategy to fund the tenant improvements required in each location.
  • Reduction and elimination of both corporate and personal guarantees.
  • Coordination of space planners, architects and construction managers.

Our experience in the development of newly franchised locations has allowed Franchisors to focus on the development of new markets and partners as we work to establish and open new locations with their established franchisee partners.  Of equal importance is the fact, we are not only capable of achieving the overall development strategy of the business of the Franchisor, but are also sensitive to the concerns and obstacles that Franchisees are faced with throughout the real estate process.  This approach and understanding has allowed for CRA to service this unique process in a manner that is less stressful and more profitable to our clients in the business of franchising.