CRA utilizes its vast experience in commercial real estate and lease negotiations to provide its’ clients with the expertise and knowledge necessary to effectively handle all real estate matters.  Our process takes our clients’ from project inception to completion:

  • Site selection
  • Real estate valuation and identifying fair market lease rates for acquisitions
  • Assist with the Certificate of Need (CON), Accreditation Process and AHCA approval process for various states
  • Mitigating client risk through negotiation of leases
  • Assist client in the negotiation of acquisitions, de novo leases and lease renewals
  • Coordinate with architects, project manager and construction company to ensure on-time delivery of center
  • Work with client after the deal is done to ensure that the lease agreement is adhered to through lease auditing
  • Portfolio management

CRA also provides its’ Healthcare clients with consulting services.  These services are especially helpful for our clients that wish to receive a third-party analysis for building valuations, lease analysis or financial analysis for build-to-suit projects.

We have the knowledge and expertise to assist a solo practitioner, large medical partnership or hospital.