Religious And Non-Profit Organizations

Religious Organizations

CRA has successfully completed transactions for traditional space (i.e. stand alone properties for traditional construction and design for a place of worship) as well as conversion of office, retail and warehouse space for meeting space for the congregation. As religious organizations typically congregate during non-business hours, CRA has produced creative solutions of shared properties, conversion of office and warehouse space, and has arranged for favorable lease economics from “interested” landlords.

Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations tend to be short on financial resources and their facility requirements often result in selection of property that is not properly suited for their desired use. Even well funded non-profit organizations often lack proper coordination and direction in seeking appropriate space for their operations.

Key aspects in CRA’s success have been attributed to:

  • Providing creative options for low overhead.
  • Locating within low-performing assets for mutually beneficial arrangement between landlord and non-profit tenant.
  • Short term leases for flexibility.
  • Locating within building owned by landlord sympathetic to non-profit tenant’s doctrine.
  • Reviewing ownership composition as to avoid locating within a building with ownership that has interests or investments which conflict with non-profit tenant’s doctrine (i.e. a “green” non-profit locating within a building that is owned by a landlord with petrochemical investments or operations).

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