Relocation Coordination

Perhaps one of the most challenging aspects during the evaluation of a company’s real estate strategy is the overall implementation and execution of a successful relocation. CRA understands the need for a company to focus on its core competencies while ensuring that it is strategically positioned within each market it serves. Regrettably, a majority of real estate service providers are not experienced or equipped to offer the support required to make the relocation process less disruptive fortheir clients. Fortunately, CRA’s experience and knowledge of the relocation process, coupled with the implementation of the following strategies, has distinguished our company as an industry leader in the relocation process:

  • Development of a relocation strategy to minimize setbacks and downtime forour client’s operations
  • Managing expectations both at the corporate and local level throughout the transition process
  • Coordinate with local representatives of our client in order to ensure a seamless transition
  • Selection and evaluation of commercial moving companies
  • Competitive evaluation of furniture providers and bid process
  • Coordination with technology and operations service providers that will be assisting ourclient during the transition process
  • Notification and coordination of both our client’s current and future landlords and property managers

Simply put, the overall relocation process is a challenge to any organization. By utilizing proven practices and direct oversight, CRA has encouraged our clients to adhere to the transition timeline that generally results in greater ease during the process. Additionally, CRA can provide onsite support during the transition process to ensure your organization is fully functional in a timely manner following the transfer of its business lines from one location to the next.