Research Services

CRA continually strives to be on the cutting edge of market research and information. With CoStar National research (Office, Retail, and Industrial), LoopNet national research, our database for freezer and cooler properties for the food and beverage industries, and our database of third party warehousing providers, CRA offers our clients the most complete “real-time” research coverage available for the commercial real estate market. Additionally, through our extensive network of Best in Class Market Advisors, CRA has access to critical local market data to ensure the most accurate real time market information is available to our clients. CRA is pleased to provide our clients with the following tools in order to assist in evaluating market opportunities through the United States:

  • CoStar National research
  • LoopNet
  • In-house proprietary research database for public warehouses and food/cooler warehouses
  • Utilization of our Best in Class Market Advisors for real-time local market trends
  • Demographic studies
  • Comprehensive analysis of opportunities within each market
  • Utilization of economic development corporations to capitalize on local economic incentives

CRA prides itself in having Best in Class Market Advisors in every market (large and small) throughout the United States. Through its Best in Class Market Advisors, CRA is able to offer, in a timely manner, the most extensive and current market comparables. This distinctive capability allows clients to benefit from working with knowledgeable teams, which offer measurable local market experience based on completed real estate negotiations within each end user identified local market.