The development of a retail site is a detail oriented process; one that requires extensive experience in order to successfully navigate the important but tedious facets of the transaction.  In addition to having an intimate knowledge of the specific market’s characteristics, two of the more important facets of the retail transaction that must be considered are the household consumer and the objectives of the retailer.  The following components must be considered individually and then collectively during a retail transaction to ensure the ideal retail real estate location is identified for the end user.

  • Development of the real estate footprint for the end user
  • Identification of the desired demographics for the retailer
  • Trends within local real estate markets to ensure longevity for the retailer
  • Detailed traffic studies to maximize exposure to the site
  • Identification of opportunities for synergy within the market place
  • Understanding of the complexities associated with the negotiation process
  • Maximizing the amount of capital available to the end user to establish operations
  • Preparation of both an entrance and exit strategy that mitigates the exposure to retailer
  • Effective negotiation of the lease document to align itself with the retailer’s long term strategy
  • Assistance with local municipalities to ensure speed to market

CRA is not a retail development company, nor do we claim to be a partner with developers to establish your locations throughout the country.  More importantly, we are experts in negotiating on behalf of retailers in order to ensure the retailer establishes new locations in prime developments within the targeted market.   Through this approach we ensure success by focusing on the requirements of the end user rather than objectives of the developer.