Strategic Advisory

At CRA we are committed to developing innovative real estate solutions that save our client’s time and money. In order to ensure our client’s continued success, CRA provides an array of strategic advisory services not typically considered as part of our client’s core competencies. Whether the strategic decision pertains to a single property, a portfolio, or the viability of an existing or proposed location (feasibility study), the best choice is to engage CRA to minimize the risk, and maximize options for the decision.

At CRA, we utilize an unmatched advisory platform, an innovative 360-degree assessment approach, and expertise to prove it.

Snapshot of Strategic Advisory Services:

  • Market, Single Property, and Portfolio Feasibility Studies, including Site Review and Selection
  • End Term User Responsibilities to Landlord (restoration of premises and common areas): Mitigating costs to Maximize User Savings
  • Financial Valuation of User Owned Assets; Continued Ownership –vs- Sale Lease Back
  • Logistics Analysis- Strategic Manufacturing and Distribution Opportunities, 3rd Party Logistic Options
  • Single or Multiple Project Management
  • In-Depth Strategic Planning-Origination-Budget Development and Management-Completion
  • Tax Incentive-Government Programs-External Facilitators and Inhibitors, including but not limited to Environmental Studies
  • Contract and lease Negotiation-Review-Analysis