Technology has streamlined business operations and positively impacted bottom lines of tenants. Start up costs for voice/data line installation and phone systems are considerably higher than past years. Second generation space opens the opportunity for a tenant to benefit beyond the existing office configuration. Utilization of existing voice/data lines can be a substantial cost saver, but can result in disruption of business operations if there are flaws in existing voice/data lines utilized in second generation space. CRA coordinates:

  • IT Review of existing Building conditions.
    • Voice/date specifications and feeds to the Building and Premises, including available service providers and ability to include additional service providers.
    • Electrical capacity to the Building and Premises including required supplemental HVAC and back up generators.
  • Review of required IT installations.
  • Lease provision review regarding quality and consistency of IT, HVAC and electrical services.
  • Satellite dish installation capabilities, including maintenance and costs.